We assist you in the creation and development of your company: access to basic and specialized infrastructures, share innovation spaces and receive advice when you need it.
We accompany you in the development of your proposal and the feasibility study of your project, we help you to connect with funding sources and in the creation of consortiums for opportunities.
We help you to define the strategy of your project, to connect with companies that can make it happen, to manage the necessary talent and to be informed about the trends of your market.
Technical Support that will allow you to validate and scale new products or services, design and prototyping, development of demos for sale or assistance in testing and project validation.
Everything you need for the design and implementation of your project at the technological level: specialized advice, diagnostics, infrastructure, datasets or even specific R&D.
Access training to improve the skills and abilities of your team, both in the field of digital enabling technologies and in the business and entrepreneurship part.

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